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10 basic steps for healthy teeth

Tooth decay is a major problem both from the view point of view and from the point of view of health. However, dental health is not very important to many people. This leads to more serious problems later on and tooth loss is inevitable.

Consider every organ in your body. If you show the necessary self, your body will give you the best for it. Why do you keep them out of sight when you are using your own teeth for life? However, the teeth are at least as important and important as the other organs. You will take some measures and apply a few things to keep your teeth healthy, prevent decay and use them for a lifetime.

1. Brush your teeth regularly. Take care to use dental floss and oral care as well as brushing at least twice a day.

2.Our use of toothbrushes in hardness is important in terms of preventing tooth decay and gingivitis.

3. Do not use your toothbrush for more than three months. Using the same brush for a long time causes bacteria to replicate on the brush.

4. Never use a non-permanent toothbrush. Dental brush is a personal care product. Personal care products can cause a variety of infections when used in common.
5. You can use dentures to prevent tooth decay, you can get advice from your dentist.

6.Do not make any forced actions. Using your teeth, you should not tear off the hard-shelled food. You should not get help from your teeth to cut products such as tape, packaging.

7. If you have a habit of eating nails, give it away immediately. Because both your nails are harmful and if you have bacteria in your tucks, you cause your mouth to spread. You also cause your teeth to wear out.

8. You should try not to consume foods that tend to stick away from very sweet sugary foods, such as lokum, soft candy, which tend to stick to your teeth.
9. You should avoid as many drinks as possible. These types of beverages are factors that cause tooth decay to progress rapidly and cause tooth loss. Acid causes damage to the tooth surface and tooth root.

10. You should make your dentist a habit to go for preventive purposes, not just for tooth decay. You should never forget to go to check every 6 months.